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Maximise your Protection


With Trend Worry Free Business Security  and Hosted Email Security

Action Required

  • Update Worry-Free Business Security to Version 10

  • Enable Hosted Email Security features for maximum protection and improved email digest for Apple iOS devices.

Update Worry-Free version 10

Trend Micro has released version 10 of Worry-Free Business Security, the centrally managed anti-malware solution. If you are receiving this email, this is the product that protects your IT system from advanced threats and malware by providing antivirus, web security, ransomware protection, and data security.

Whats new in version 10:

  • Predictive Machine Learning: The Predictive Machine Learning engine can protect your network from new, previously unidentified, or unknown threats through advanced file feature analysis and heuristic process monitoring. Predictive Machine Learning can ascertain the probability that a threat exists in a file or process and the probable threat type, protecting you from zero-day attacks.
  • Scan Per Device: In addition to manually scanning one or more device groups, Worry-Free Business Security allows you to scan selected devices to help you efficiently manage the devices on your network. You can also stop scanning any selected devices during the scan.
  • New Live Status Design: Find important information conveniently grouped into simple widgets. The widgets can help you identify key information such as threat intelligence and device status. You can also solve problems with a simple click in the new Action Center.
  • Automate Product Update: Worry-Free Business Security can help keep your protection up-to-date by periodically checking for the latest improvements and fixes. Use the Product Update feature to download and install update package automatically.
  • Email Notification Enhancements: Clarified email subject lines and a concise event summary with a possible solution can help you identify the action required and resolve problems faster.
  • HTTPS Web Threat Protection for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge: Worry-Free Business Security has enhanced and extended your protection against malicious HTTPS websites. You can use the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers and be fully protected by your Web Reputation and URL Filtering policies without the need of browser add-ons.
  • Wildcard and Windows Environment Variable Support for Behavior Monitoring Exceptions: Worry-Free Business Security now supports wildcard characters and has enhanced the Windows environment variable support for approved and blocked programs in Behavior Monitoring. These enhancements give you more flexibility when defining exceptions.
  • Platform Support: This version of Worry-Free Business Security provides support for Microsoft™ Windows™ 10 Fall Creators Update.

Support for Windows 10 Spring Creators Update will be released on the 21/05/2018.

Enable Hosted Email Security new features

Trend Micro has introduced new features in its Hosted Email Security service to maximise protection. Many of these features are not enabled by default. Some of these features include:

Trend Micro Predictive Machine Learning uses advanced machine learning technology to correlate threat information and perform in-depth file analysis to detect emerging unknown security risks through digital DNA fingerprinting, API mapping, and other file features. Predictive Machine Learning is a powerful tool that helps protect your environment from unidentified threats and zero-day attacks.

After detecting an unknown or low-prevalence file, Hosted Email Security scans the file using the Advanced Threat Scan Engine to extract file features and sends the report to the Predictive Machine Learning engine. Through use of malware modeling, Predictive Machine Learning compares the sample to the malware model, assigns a probability score, and determines the probable malware type that the file contains.

The Advanced Threat Scan Engine (ATSE) uses a combination of pattern-based scanning and heuristic scanning to detect document exploits and other threats used in targeted attacks.

Major features include:

  • Detection of zero-day threats
  • Detection of embedded exploit code
  • Detection rules for known vulnerabilities
  • Enhanced parsers for handling file deformities

Quarantine email digests which allow you to release emails identified as spam has been impossible on Apple mobile devices until now with modification to your HES settings.