Security - Serious WiFi Exploit KRACK Discovered


KRACK WiFi Exploit

ATS Recommend updating all WiFi infrastructure and WiFi enabled devices.

KRACK (Key Reinstallation AttACK) affects WiFI systems protected with WPA/WPA2 encryption, the mostly widely used WiFi encryption method. If you are using WiFi, chances are, you are using WPA.

The KRACK exploit allows attackers to capture traffic sent and received from your devices to discover your passwords, this exploit is effective with many https websites.

Some devices are more vulnerable than others, particularly android and linux devices.

KRACK in action:

What can you do to prevent these attacks:

All devices, including PC's, Mac's, smart phones, and WiFi infrastructure should be updated to correct this bug where available.

Smart phones that do not have a patch or firmware update to address this issue should switch off WiFi and use cellular data for communication.

Contact ATS to discuss the best course of action