Security - Fortigate Firewall Updates


FortiGate Firewall Updates

Improved Firewall Protection

ATS recommend all Fortigate firewalls are upgraded to the latest FortiOS version 5.6.2

This update provides better protection, performance and reliability as well as the key features:

Application Control is a free service

Application Control is now a free FortiGuard service and the database for Application Control signatures is separate from the IPS database. However, Botnet Application signatures are still part of the IPS signature database since these are more closely related with security issues and less about application detection. 

New PPPoE features for improved NBN support

PPPoE dynamic gateway support (397628) Original design for PPPoE requires to configure a static gateway. Although it works in many scenarios, some customers require to add support for dynamic gateway for internet-service based routes.

NP6 Host Protection Engine (HPE) adds protection for DDoS attacks

NP6 processors now include HPE functionality that can protect networks from DoS attacks by categorizing incoming packets based on packet rate and processing cost and applying packet shaping to packets that can cause DoS attacks

How Do I Upgrade?

As these upgrades do interrupt the internet service, ATS recommend these are performed out of normal business hours. Upgrades can take a varying amount of time dependant on the current version your firewall is running and the speed of your internet connection.

Contact ATS for an estimate now.

More information regarding this release is here.